Wild Child

Last night I came home wet.

Wet from the tears of a broken heart. My heart, that I broke.

I cried myself to sleep, and I still feel damp from my tears.

It feels like every week I get more in touch with myself, my wild nature.

I grasp at something, something that isn't mine, and it all crumbles in my hands. Dust.

I'm discovering that I'm more wild at heart than I anticipated.

And I fear myself. What I can do.

Am I overpowering? Too much of a leader? Too much of a talker?

Not meek, mild, follower, listener?

Am I so obsessed with myself, my desires, that I'm blind to those around me?

Where is my balance? Who will I become? What is the realization of my true nature?

How do I handle this wild child?

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