A Bubble about to Burst

 My head and heart feel like a clogged drain. So many thoughts, so many feelings spinning around in a stagnate pool of limitation.

It's frustrating.

So many songs that need words, so many dreams that need actions.

Like a dog looking out the window through to the garden, with the door latch too high to reach.

Like a butterfly with its wings locked in park.

Now if I could just be patient enough to spread them...


  1. Such beauty dear! Thanks for sharing your skill at capturing God's handiwork! :)


  2. Not only are the images stunning and so full and wholesome, but the words. Oh my goodness, Charlotte. The words.
    I handed the tablet to my sister to read. She has also spoken of things like this, echoing my scatterbrained thoughts. She loved it.
    To creativity.