It's a love-hate relationship.

You remove the lens, with trembling hands, reassuring yourself millions have done it millions of times before you, praying you don't get anything on the mirror/sensor...

There's a lot of round-about mental thought that is sacrificed when I free-lens.


  1. i agree! for me, it's not as much the dust on the sensor, but the horrible though of dropping my lens and it smashing to pieces..or at least getting dented/jammed/something :P these are lovely, but my favorite it that first one!

    p.s. glad to see you back to posting!

  2. oh these are lovely! i've never had a camera that i could remove the lens, but if i ever do i'm sure i'll understand.
    these are beyond beautiful. these shots you've made are reminiscent of a dream. hazy, bright, magical... its like taking a picture of a memory.

  3. Wow, beautiful work, Charlotte! My freelensing attempts have pretty much been blurred and confusing, but I'm looking forward to keep working on that skill. These are beautifully inspiring! Hope you are having a wonderful summer.