Someday I hope to print these special memories.

I look through our boxes of old, old photos, and try and imagine what it was like back then.

I want to capture the memories of my life in full, vibrant color that was lacking the old slips of glossy photo paper I have to gaze upon now, longing, peering, imagining.

Other than God, memory is all we really have to keep on living, right?

P.S- so this lazy girl finally got around to uploading hundreds of photos from cards to desktop, so now you will have post over-load. You're welcome.


  1. Fabulous.

    p.s. Love Jessica's outfit by the way!

  2. these are so beautiful. the evening sun on the fence and bush, the lush green grass and thick woods backdrop... i can almost hear the playful squeals and crickets chirping.

  3. This post just feels so summery and happy! The sun setting and that beautiful yard (pretty much looks like my dream yard) make it perfect. :)