God's Will

"As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned.

That’s what you call God’s Will."

/ Anonymous /

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I've decided to attempt to photograph the essence of several quotes that I collected in my Commonplace Book over my Senior Year of High School last year. As I was studying rhetoric, and was having to seek out quotes and paragraphs to inspire the development of my speech and writing, I was utterly entranced with the beautiful phrases of speech that I stumbled upon. Opening up that collection again revived that entrancement, and inspired me to express my interpretation of these quotes through my favorite medium: photography.

So, here is the first edition: God's Will.

When we bottle up our life into our own plans and short-sighted desires, we limit ourselves more than we know. Thus the first photo: it's full of tension, inflexibility, distrust, and uncertainty as the subject attempts to plan out his life.

When we let go, and trust God for His plan for our lives, there is incredible liberty and a sense of renewed joy in the vigor and spontaneity of life, trusting that He sees the big plan and will play it out. We're just the actors and actresses, acting out the script and embracing our roles to the best of our ability. Ultimately this will leave us so much happier, truly happier, than if our own narrow-minded plans had worked out in the first place. Thus the second photo: more free, light, and full of energy and flexibility, embracing the uncertainty and letting go.


  1. Truer words were never spoken. It really touches me when you post something like this. :) Love the pics!


    1. Thank you, Hadassah <3 I'm so glad that I can touch you through my posts!