17 Things

1 / It's funny how putting your hair up just so, and walking around barefoot in your favorite dress can make the world seem a whole lot sweeter.

2 / 1.4 aperture is bomb

3 / Thanks Grandma and Dad for the crazy awesome hair genes

4 / Finally got down the self-portrait thing. I think. It only took a mirror, chair, desk, vintage suitcase, and more blurry pictures than I'd care to count, but ya know #goalz

5 / I finally whupped the January grey, and I'm walkin' on sunshine (wa-oh)

6 / Thankful for small things like blueberry pancakes and patient sisters.

7 / It's beautiful and liberating to embrace your own, unique personality...

8 / ...Even if your Myers-Briggs result is the same as certain pop stars and politicians that I'd rather not mention... o.O

9 / You're future doesn't rest in the hands of people. It only rests in the hands of God.

10 / ^^^ that's a beautiful thing.

11 / I get to see a sweet friend and photograph up a storm soon, so that's happy.

12 / I'll be driving on the public road for the first time ever soon, so that's scary.

13 / Thankful for days like today where you just plain don't care about the future, since the moment you're in is so, so sweet.

14 / I love piano. And George Winston. And Canon for that matter.

15 / Also Canon cameras, but I meant Pachelbel's Canon ^^

16 / I'm on a roll with these ^^^ things

17 / The rest of my 17th is going to be amazing. Even if it's bad, it's still going to be rock-start amazing. #optimism