Tomo Dachi

Life is like a bubble.

Some greater, some smaller,
Some shorter, some longer,
all beautiful in their own way,
sparkling like a spherical rainbow in the sun.

Tomo's life was shorter,
shining in great radiance at first,
slowly dimming at last.

Sometimes you have to pop bubbles with your wand,
although you hate to see them go.


Once, he dug his nose in the snow,
and lifted his strong legs to run.

Once his velvety ears were gnawed on
by the little Tibetan Angel,
his furry friend.

Once he ran away in the twilight,
adventure before his snow white boots.

Once, Forever seemed so close.

Then he fell
onto the kitchen floor,
panting, panting, panting.
"How long?"

Then we held on.

Then his once mighty flesh sagged from his bones.
his great spine protruded in lumps through the fur on his skin.

Then, his eyes were red with unshed tears,
and you could see it,
"How long?"

Then the sun shone on a beautiful day,
warm and balmy.

Then they shed tears,
knowing that "How long"
was "now"

Then the storm blew in,
as the Escalade turned out of the driveway.

Now, the great clouds beckon
the popping of the bubble,
that once glistened vibrant rainbows in the sun.

Now, Tomo Dachi, bo-bear, Mr. Man, and To-Bear
well, he's running in the sunshine of the Happy Hunting Grounds.

1 comment:

  1. (knowing how long was now)
    there is nothing like the burden of the decision of this in a beloved pets life.
    what a lovely, lovely tribute. i pray peace for you.