Three little girls running through a crystal clear sprinkler in their flower-power speedos. Rainbows and sunshine dance around their little feet. Droplets fling from their tangled hair into their hazel eyes. They tire, bundled up in the days-old beach towels, and bask in the warm sunshine on the concrete driveway. They pretend they are ballerinas and Egyptian princesses through their shadows from the afternoon sun, while it journeys across the sky. Welcome, Summer.


  1. Oh, Charlotte, I am absolutely in love with this blog! Your photos are magical, and fill me with joy. I look forward to more posts. :)
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

  2. This is perfection.

    I love it.

    I am a fan.

    Also, looove that last picture of beautiful Jess. SO good. :)


  3. Love that you will be sharing more of your lovely photos here, Charlotte!! These are are all great shots but I LOVE that 3rd one! So excited to see more!!! :D

    p.s love the design!

  4. Lovely frames, Charlotte! Excited to see what you post next :D

  5. How exciting! I'll be checking here often. Oh, and I love Jessica's hair. Would
    you consider a tutorial?

  6. ah, this is SOO beautiful, Charlotte. this post is so free and flowing, full of all that summer means and i hold dear.
    beautiful new blog you have, lady. can't wait to see more from you. i too had been thinking of starting a blog to share my photos and such on for a long time, and then one moment last january it happened. it was just a spur of the moment thing, but oh, how i'm glad that i did.
    have a wonderful day and congratulations :)


  7. Congratulations on your new blog! I am really glad you have started this because I like reading the posts from Boyer Family Singers so it is nice to have this "extension" (so to speak). And I agree with everyone else, your pictures are amazing! Plus your writing style sends me back a few years when I was your age (not that long ago in all honesty, but it feels like a lifetime. . .) and younger. Keep up the good work! I find you girls to be very encouraging!